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Euer Englisch muss nicht perfekt sein, doch zumindest verständlich. Lasst uns über alles reden was Euch mit dem anglophonen Sprachraum verbindet. Dazu gehört das British Commenwealth, die USA und natürlich auch Kanada. Gemeint sind: Sprache, Literatur, Reisen und Musik.

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Did you ever have problems with left-hand driving in GB? After a while I got used to it. However being afoot before crossing the street I looked to the wrong side first - to the left! I was lucky when they came from the wrong side
Roundabouts are a problem.
I learned to drive in England. At first I had an English driving licence. But that was a very long time ago.
Just curious: how do you spend X-mas eve? Formal dinner, family reunion, distributing gifts, is there a christmas tree - decorated ?
As to me:
Formal dinner. since at least 15 years, the famous fondue chinoise
Familiy reunion: of course, as long as I can remember
Distributing gifts: only for the kids
No christmas tree anymore
I love Chinese fondue! Hotpot we call it. My sister-in-law, my foster-brother's wife - they are Vietnamese - does it now and then - lovely! She did it on New Year's eve, probably still does it . But I am not here, since I will spend the change of the year in Ariège with my sister and my brother-in-law, who have been living there for 15 years now.
Christmas we ignore - but we will have a lovely dinner at their home. And on New-year's eve I will cook. Last year we bought a piece of beef from a Halal-Shop - it was great. We will see, what I will do this year.
Getting bigger, a new member joined us: Sharon, nice to meet you Sharon, make yourself right at home.
Hello everybody Thank you for the friendly welcome
Since my time in England I have been reading English - and American - Books in English, not only to keep in touch with the language, but also because the translations sometimes are awful. And since writing is an art, where the use of a language should be the writer's choice, a translation is never able to get the writers feeling for the language.
However - if possible I also watch films in the original language - and listen to audiobooks in English. I have to be careful, if they are American, because not all American accents are good for my ears.
So - maybe we could give each other tips, what books are interesting. I love thrillers, but i must admit, there sometimes is too much violence. With the age I got a bit more sensitive. I also love history books - if the history is older than the 20th century. I do not like romance... Well - except of course if the hero speaks a Scot accent. That's why I love the audiobooks, because the British mostly use the accents. And I love to listen to them.
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I never ever could miss the smell of a new book, its cover, the rustling while turning pages, the sense of paper etc. No ebooks for me. The last book I've been reading was by Hornby: How to be good. Filled with the kind of english humour which is unique.
Btw welcome to our newbie Erich.
I also love real books, but with all those shortliving pocketbooks which I read once and then put into the bookshelf and forgot about them all shelfs are crowded. I got hundreds of thriller and spystories from the cold war. Who wants to read them nowadays? I actually started to put them into the blue bin, though I have a problem throwing books away.
Good books are lovely, that's true. Some weeks ago I bought a book about megalithc sites in Germany. Books of that kind are great.
They didn't take it from the poor!
Here's the story about two catholic sisters embezzling $500.000,00 cash for gambling in Las Vegas.
And it is getting around . Greetings to Manni, our new member. Wish you all a smoothy sunday. Snow is in the air and it is getting cold, brrr. We're living in the southern Schwarzwald and the Feldberg is ahead.
thank`scup of Coffee for you
Life Schießplatz Castle Martin Wales - GB..3 Jahre mein zu Hause.................
Incredible: heres the link to a you tube news. A former soldier of the US army in Afghanistan was blindet by an explosion while being on patrol. He has become a blind (!) boxer now. He cant see anything anymore and is taking on a sighted man in his first bout. I can't imagine how this works.
No one is perfect. Being perfect and you will stop reading and learning and listening. Perfection is the end of your search for knowledge. That's what I found in the net:

"Perfection is accepting the fact that we live in a world that is perfect in it's imperfections, a world that is always changing (including you!) and cannot always be logically explained, no matter how much your mind tries to wrap its head around some things."

So welcome and make yourself right at home.
So many thanks