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"blurb" von ebook "The Dreamer"

"blurb" von ebook "The Dreamer"

Von wize.life-Nutzer - Dienstag, 18.03.2014 - 05:07 Uhr

"The most valuable of all dreams, which offers us a chance to avoid trouble, is almost as upsetting as the haunting version that finds us panting, scared, trying "to outrun danger." However, it is not fear we feel, but outrage. We feel a tremendous amount of desperation spilling over into the waking state. What we have dreamed is nothing we can brush off, explain away as another nightmare. The uneasy question remains, why we felt such overpowering desperation and anger in a dream directed at a specific person, why we let it out in one large outcry of righteous indignation. We remember having been seized by a powerful surge of outrage. Completely unable to contain it, we made a spectacle of ourselves. We had a fit and did not give a hoot that we exploded right in front of someone who should impress us with his title, his knowledge, his “pious” demeanor, obviously his status above ours. And here is the difference, the object of our outburst is identified. Somehow we didn't give a damn, who it is. We shouldn't have, for the person who is at the center of our agitation, is our adversary and, in some cases, possibly a deadly one. Our subconscious uses the dream route to give us a warning.
We have exploded, let fly, for a good reason. Enough anger for two is boiling over because of our own part in all this — if we were not so gullible, so ignorant, so besotted, all of this wouldn’t have happened. The detestable creature we are facing is at the bottom of our woes. With such a dream, our subconscious is trying to impress us with a most urgent message. It is attempting to wean us, to get us away from the influence of a person who is about to screw us — literally or symbolically so.
Either way we will have to pay, if we don’t heed a most urgent message: our own outcry of indignation. If we are allowing it to happen. This guy is trying to finagle us into a business deal, and we go along, while our subconscious cries foul. This shady businessman has already lost his shirt, and he knows it, but we don't realize he is just trying to fleece a few more sheep. We are not aware what we are letting ourselves in for, but our subconscious has already shown us the dramatic results. It has done the screening for us. Unless we reverse course, take an alternate route, grind to a stop, this guy with his clean-cut exterior we have been hankering for, is going to give us the case of herpes we have eluded so far through careful screening of our partners. And this is the only case where the results will be positive after such a dream.

In most other cases our subconscious, which has already done the screening and is trying to pass the findings on to us, is advising extreme caution, otherwise we will be had, led astray, made a fool of. The negative impact on our life, our emotions, may be temporary, but it could also carry a fateful wallop.
Don't ask how the subconscious can acquire this knowledge to warn us. How could it know things that have not come out into the open yet, that are still in their embryonic stage? It does. For one thing, it isn't impressed by titles, glitter, position. It cuts right through all this and looks into the mind, the hearts, of these characters to find out what they have in store for you. It disregards "their" effect on others and ferrets out how "they" will affect you. It ignores what "they" once were and zeroes in on what they are now. They might have been Mr. and Mrs. Clean once, at the top of their class, idealistic crusaders, the most comfort¬able of friends. But to the subconscious these are just pale meaningless images from the past. Your favorite minister, your revered guru, your pipe-smoking psychiatrist with the authentic German accent, your rich aunt who is still looking for an heir, are carefully scrutinized. Long before you suffer your disappointment, your shock, your subconscious will have turned its thumb down on a friend, your clever real estate agent, perhaps even your reliable plumber and sent you the message that you can do better.
And this is the truly marvelous, awe-inspiring thing about dreams: they do not only prepare us for things we can't change, but they transmit the red alert on trouble we can avert.

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Ursula du hast recht,schlecht wenn man kein englisch kann
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liebe kunigunde, es tut mir leid. mit der zeit fiel es mir auf, dass wir hier nur wenige haben, die englisch sprechen. was das traeumen in diesen fall betrifft, so kann uns der beschriebene traum, wenn wir ihn verstehen, voir einem menschen, einer situation warnen,. ganz im gegenteil zu anderen traeumen. die person, vor der wir uns hueten sollen,. steht vor uns, wenn wir unsere empoerung vor ihr entladen. warntraeume haben mir im leben viel geholfen. die deutung kam mit der zeit, und ich habe mich danach gerichtet. wwenn du nur verschiedene woerter nicht verstehst, kannst du mich fragen. ich nehme ein lexikon fast nie in die hand. der ausdruck blurb" war mir auch nicht bekannt. es ist der ausschnitt, der im allgemeinen auf den umschlag eines buches steht.
vielen dank fuer dein interesse.
LG ursula:
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heute muss ich das Wörterbuch heranziehen, verstehe nicht viel
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